Don't Hold Your Clients Hostage


In this video I share a story about an agent that is
holding his clients hostage and refusing to do what’s right.

It reminds me what makes the Servant Heart Selling way
of selling different.


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Calling your Database - Top 3 Lead Sources Part 2


Are you a realtor that struggles with what to say when you call to check in with your past clients and favorite people each month? In this video Paul Wheeler shares some of his favorite things to...

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My Top 3 Lead Sources


I recently did a webinar on marketing and running a 7 figure team. To prepare, I did research on successful teams all over the country and looked at their top lead sources. What I discovered was...

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Appointment Focused!


If you focused on one thing daily in your real estate business, I recommend to focus on appointments.
Appointments are a leading indicator (shows you future results to come) versus a lagging...

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Conversions - they're not a one time thing!


When we are working with a client and we convert them to an appointment, we need to be able to convert them to the next step towards our goal. Management of expectations throughout the process and...

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In this book, I share the steps I took in my real estate career to become one of the top agents across the country and a multi-millionaire.

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