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"Paul is the best! When I started working with Paul I had never worked in real estate or sales so I was totally green and now I easily sell over 45 listings a year. Servant Heart Selling is amazing. It is a fool proof system and the best part is your clients will love you and send you their friends and family."

Chris Brown
Listing Agent, Accent Realtors

"It's a true blessing that he is willing to share his wisdom, experiences and his proven method of Servant Heart Selling that will help people sell more, earn more and enjoy life more. I would recommended learning and implementing everything you can from this man. He is one of my hero's! ❤🏡"

Toril Schoepfer
Owner/Broker, Toril Sells Houses Team Sumner, WA

Paul Wheeler started Accent Realtors as a licensed agent and broker in 1992.
Paul leads the Accent Team with energy, experience and vision for the future and a better business model in the Real Estate industry.
Tulsans trust Paul and his team to sell their homes and help purchase homes and it shows; he is a consistent national top producer, selling over 40 times the average Realtor® nationally and ranking in the top 1/10 of 1% of the nation's Realtors®.
As a lifelong entrepreneur, Paul Wheeler continues to take his love and passion for Real Estate and business and share it with the world. He speaks nationally about his focus on serving clients at the highest level through education and extreme communication all with a total focus on what is best for them. He gets to do the work he loves and spends time making the maximum positive positive impact with his family, his clients, his team and his community.

In this book, I share the steps I took in my real estate career to become one of the top agents across the country and a multi-millionaire.

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